Is Craig Bot discord safe?

Is Craig a good Discord bot?

Reliability. Craig's uptime is legendary was quite good before Discord became so overloaded, but if you're concerned with putting all your faith in his server, you don't have to: Invite Craig's evil clone and backup Giarc and you'll be recorded by both bots, from two different parts of the world.

Can Discord bots record you?

Have you ever wanted to make a recording of a discussion in your discord server? With the MEE6 bot you can quickly and easily record the audio from your discord voice channel with a simple text command. You can create audio recordings without needing to download separate audio recording software on your PC.

What is Giarc?

Question not Giarc Giarc is a backup for Craig. That means that you shouldn't use Giarc without Craig: Invite both to your server, and both to your voice chats. … The message from Giarc is labeled “[BACKUP]”. Giarc is hosted in France, while Craig is hosted in Canada.

How do I get Craig to join discord?

You'll need to give Craig permission to join your server before you can begin using it. To do this, select your server from the “Add Bot To” list and then click “Authorize” to allow the bot to join. If the process is successful, you should see a join message for “Craig” in your server.

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