Is Affliction viable in TBC?

Is Affliction Warlock good in TBC PvP?

Warlocks have two viable specializations for PvP in the form of Affliction and Demonology; both are very good and used in different situations depending on the composition of the team. Not only that, but in these specializations, they can even be super flexible for more offense or more defense.

Will Warlock be good in TBC?

Warlocks are one of the best DPS in TBC. … Destruction Warlock will provide the highest DPS and many raids will run four or more, but Demonology isn't half bad either. Having one Affliction Warlock in the raid specifically for debuffs will amplify the raid's damage as well.

What do affliction Warlocks bring TBC?

Affliction is mainly a utility choice, bringing Malediction, Shadow Embrace and Blood Pact, while still dealing respectable damage.

How do you play Affliction Warlock TBC?

TBC Affliction Warlock Rotation

  1. Use. Fel Armor. .
  2. Maintain your assigned curse between. Curse of the Elements. , Curse of Recklessness. , or. Curse of Doom. . if assigned. Curse of Doom. , use. Amplify Curse.
  3. Summon Imp. for. Blood Pact. .
  4. Unstable Affliction. .
  5. Corruption. .
  6. Immolate. .
  7. Siphon Life. .
  8. Cast. Shadow Bolt. as a filler.

Do DoTs crit in TBC?

It helps against melee damage, ranged physical damage, magic nukes, anything that can crit. However, one very important class of damage is incapable of critting: DoTs. A DoT can't crit, and therefore it doesn't care about resilience.

Are hunters good in TBC?

Are Hunters good in TBC? Absolutely! While Hunters may have been quite weak in Classic relative to the top-tier DPS, Hunters are absolute powerhouses in TBC. Thanks to some incredible class changes, most notably with pets scaling from your AP now, Hunters are S-tier DPS for the entirety of TBC.

Which warlock spec is best in TBC?

Best PvE Spec for Warlock DPS in Burning Crusade Demonology Warlocks are going to shine on fights where there is a lot of movement, CC, and interrupts as the pet is able to keep dealing damage. Affliction provides great utility with of Malediction and Shadow Embrace.

What is the best warlock leveling spec TBC?

Warlocks have three basic specs: Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction. Affliction and Demonology are both solid choices for leveling both through Classic and Burning Crusade Classic content. Destruction is a great end-game build, or for a Warlock who plans to level up primarily through dungeon content.

Can Shadow Priest DoTs crit in TBC?

Shadow Priest scarcely does benefit from crit chance enhancing effects. Spell critical strike rating only affects 2 spells—Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death. Mind Flay as well as both DoT effects—Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain—are not capable of dealing critical strikes, yet account for majority of damage.

When did DoTs critt?

[Shadowform] for priests, all of which allowed the caster's Haste to affect their core periodic spells. This was further remedied in patch 4.0. 1 when all spell DoTs gained innate haste scaling and the ability to crit.

Is there honor gear in TBC?

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