Is a 1060 6GB good?

Is the GTX 1060 6GB good in 2020?

If you're a 1080p gamer and already have GTX 1060, yes it is still a decent GPU Card in the year 2020. But if you're going to purchase a new GPU card there are better cards like 1660 or 2060.

Is 1060 6GB still good in 2021?

Originally Answered: Is an Nvidia GTX 1060 still good in 2021? yes it still good as long you dont have those demanding games on high quality settings. a good CPU processor will help a lot. For 1080p at 60fps, yes.

How fast is GTX 1060 6GB?


GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB
Frame Buffer 6 GB GDDR5 3 GB GDDR5
Memory Speed 8 Gbps 8 Gbps
Boost Clock 1.4x 1.4x
1708 MHz 1708 MHz

Can a 1060 6GB run 4k?

Does the GTX 1060 6GB support 4k gaming? – Quora. Yes, if support is all you want, you can do 4K gaming from gtx 1060 6GB. Infact the 1050ti supports 4k resolution. But having playable fps is a different story, you will be doing 20–30 fps at high settings in most games.

What’s better GTX 1650 or 1060?

Nvidia GTX 1650 vs 1060: Conclusion The GTX 1060 is still a better graphics card than the GTX 1650. … Indeed, as we saw in my GTX 1660 vs 1060 comparison piece, the GTX 1060 can even hold its own against Nvidia's new GTX 1660 card as well.

Can a GTX 1060 run Cod?

Viewing the performance found on the 5 year old GeForce GTX 1060 while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare we quickly see it can return a reliable 65 FPS. … 1080p Ultra setting: 47 FPS, 1440p Medium setting: 74 FPS, 1440p High setting: 50 FPS, 1440p Ultra setting: 35 FPS.

Can a GTX 1060 run Apex legends?

The best Apex Legends settings: How to get the best performance. … That makes it all the more important that your settings in Apex Legends are tuned to produce the best FPS. Luckily, even modest GPUs like the GTX 1060 shouldn't have a problem locking down 60fps at 1080p, let alone the more powerful best graphics cards.

Is a GTX 1060 6GB good for gaming?

Yes it is good for gaming even you can play 4k games on it only if you have 6gb variant. 1060 is strong build card which comes in mid range, some people even call it a rebranding of 960 variant but this one is far more powerful than its predecessor.

Is a 1060 or a 1660 Super better?

GTX 1060 vs 1660 Super: Conclusion As you'd probably expect from a next-gen graphics card, the GTX 1660 Super does offer a sizeable improvement over the GTX 1060, but if you're still playing games at 1080p on a standard 60Hz monitor, the differences aren't going to be as big as you might expect.

Is GTX 1060 6GB high end?

Performance of the GTX 1060 6GB was excellent, matching or exceeding the RX 580. Even with the high quality preset you'll be able to achieve 60 fps at 1080p, and then push well beyond that with the medium and low quality presets. … Again, the GTX 1060 is very close to the RX 580.

Can GTX 1060 run 1080p 60fps?

The GTX 1060 gpu is capable of playing any game at 60 fps at 1080p resolution. The card's performance is equivalent to that of the GTX 980 which is a high end GPU from Nvidia.

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