How old is Starstables?

When did Star Stable first come out?

October 2011
Originally launched in October 2011, Star Stable has recently turned 7 years old — no small feat for any MMO, let alone one with the supposedly niche target audience of “young girls who are into horses and play online PC games”.

What day is Star Stables Birthday 2021?

Star Stable is turning 9 and it's time to celebrate! Our birthday celebration continues on until the Wednesday update on October 14!

Is Star Stable safe for 8 year olds?

Star stable is absolutely amazing Definitely recommend this game to children ages of around 7+.

Can you be a male in Star Stable?

While boys are welcome to play Star Stable & many do, the main story line of Star Stable is about a girl, so the characters are girls. There are so many cool games available with awesome male main characters that we're pretty proud to have one with awesome female main characters!

How do you get the free horse in SSO?

0:0619:12Free Horse + Pet Star Stable Online Birthday Gifts – YouTubeYouTube

How many SSO players are there?

Star Stable has an active user base in 180 countries and 11 languages. Six million people — about 98 percent of them girls — have downloaded the game. The company doesn't disclose monthly active users, but it's enough to support a staff of 55.

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