How much is a mina of gold?

How much is a mina worth in the Bible?

The mina, or minah, was a basic standard of weight among the ancient Hebrews. In the sacred system of weights, the sacred mina was equal to 60 shekels, and 60 sacred minas equaled 1 sacred talent.

How much is a mina in today’s money?

MINA Price Statistics

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How much does a talent of gold weigh?

The gold talent is reported as weighing roughly the same as a person, and so perhaps 50 kg (>110 lb avoirdupois). Some authorities say that the talent typically weighed about 33 kg (>72 lb) varying from 20 to 40 kg. In June, 2018, the international price of gold was about US $41,155.69 per kilogram.

Was a gold Mina worth a lot?

By the time of Ur-Nammu, the mina had a value of 1⁄60 talents as well as 60 shekels. … Writings from Ugarit give the value of a mina as equivalent to fifty shekels. The prophet Ezekiel refers to a mina ('maneh' in the King James Version) also as 60 shekels, in the Book of Ezekiel 45:12.

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