How much does vengeful spirit do?

How do you lose Geo in Hollow Knight?

Running into tough enemies, navigating new environments and general carelessness are all factors that will inevitably lead to your death. When you die, you lose all of the geo that you've collected. You can recollect this geo by going back to the section of the game that you died and defeating your shade.

How can I get geo fast?

Farming Guide:

  1. Go to the Failed Tramway in the northern part of the Deepnest.
  2. The area to the left of the bench features 6 Carver Hatchers.
  3. Each Carver Hatcher drops Geo, and each Dirtcarver will also drop Geo.
  4. From the bench, travel left and get the first pair of Carver Hatchers to birth 5 minions each.

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