How much does it cost to join Hyperfund?

Is it good to invest in Hyperfund?

Hyperfund is a good investment and very easy way to reach your finacial goals .

Is Hyperfund a con?

HyperFund is an unregulated Investment Company. Problem with unregulated Investment Companies is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. … This is the reason why HyperFund is a dangerous Investment Company to deal with. A very obvious scam and is only good until you want your money out.

How does Hyperfund make money?

You become a member of HyperFund by buying convertible bonds. Depending on market conditions Hyperfund guarantees 2 to 3 times return (Currently three times) on the purchase and pays this back at the rate of 0.5% per day. … Hyperfund is able to pay back these convertible bonds through multiple streams of income.

Is Hyperfund real or fake?

Sources said Hyper Fund, a DEFI by Hyper Tech Group has come under the radar recently. The Group claims to have launched the Hyper Fund to provide a decentralized financial infrastructure. Hyper Fund was announced in mid-2020. … The Finance Ministry has clarified that Virtual currencies are also not legal tender.

Is Hyperfund illegal in India?

According to sources, complaints against such Funds have started pouring in several states. In India, the RBI, Union Finance Ministry and SEBI had warned people against cryptocurrency trading. … The Finance Ministry has clarified that Virtual currencies are also not legal tender.

How do I withdraw money from Hyperfund?

Withdrawing from Hyperfund, through the OKEX exchange. Log into your Hyperfund back office and paste the MOF address in Withdrawal where you are asked to enter the recipient address. Wait to be notified that OKEX has received your MOF. Once you have been notified…. Wait for the Sell order to be filled.

Which Cryptocurrency is most valuable?

Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first widely adopted cryptocurrency, and it remains the most popular and the most valuable.

How long has Hyperfund been in existence?

Was founded in 2014 as a finance company specialising in Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment and Tech Incubation. Since inception, it has funded more than 80 successful start-ups with a total investment of over US$300 million. It has a global presence with more than 500 employees and 23 offices around the world.

When did Hyperfund started?

hyperfund is a US based company founded in 2013.

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