How many Nike Pegasus are there?

When did the first Nike Pegasus come out?

The Original Nike Pegasus (1983) The first Nike Pegasus wasn't flashy, but the design is still used today. The shoe itself was designed by Mark Parker, Nike CEO, and Bruce Kilgore who was the employee who was also working on the Air Force 1. The shoes were a pretty great price — just $50 for the pair.

What does Nike Pegasus mean?

Nike introduced the Pegasus, intended to be the shoe for every runner, in 1983. It was designed to be half air (similar to the winged half-horse it was named after) to represent movement, quickness and the allure of flying.

How many miles is Pegasus 38?

The Pegasus 38 can be whatever you need it to be, depending on what your training schedule says. Although it's not as soft as your favorite long run shoes or as energetic as your race-day shoes, it is soft and lively enough for 10- to 20-mile efforts.

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