How long does arch support last?

Do arch supports wear out?

Custom Orthotics Are Built to Last No, they aren't indestructible. They will wear out eventually, or you may even outgrow them if your activities or body mechanics change enough over time.

Do foot arch supports last forever?

Unlike flimsy drugstore insoles, which tend to wear out in a matter of months or even weeks, our orthotics can typically continue to provide effective foot pain relief for years. But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever—especially if they're designed to both be comfortable to wear and get walked on every day.

How long are arch supports good for?

Consider several factors to determine if it's time to replace your orthotics, including how long you've had them, how much you use them, and how they feel when you wear them. How long: A normal pair can last anywhere from one to five years on average, though this will vary with the materials.

How long do Dr Scholl’s arch supports last?

Most Dr. Scholl's® insoles and orthotics are designed to last six (6) months with regular use. They should be replaced within this timeframe or at the first signs of wear.

How often should you replace your orthotics?

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