How heavy is a 8ft slate pool table?

How do you move a heavy slate pool table?

Wrap the slate in moving blankets. Use packing tape or stretch wrap to secure the blankets or cushioning. Label each part so you know what they are. Load the pool table parts onto a dolly or hand truck to transport to the moving truck or van.

How much does 1 slate pool table weigh?

approximately 450 pounds
One piece slates weigh approximately 450 pounds. They are difficult to maneuver when refelting your pool table. They are more difficult to move through hallways, narrow doorways and corners.

Can I move a pool table with a pickup truck?

The risk of substantial damage is obviously quite high. Therefore, EVEN IF your pickup truck bed is large enough, it is best to simply hire a professional mover to disassemble and move your pool table for you. The only exception to this is if you own a lighter MDF pool table, that can be lifted easily.

How heavy is a valley pool table?

Available in three sizes: Model 88 (6.5'), 88" x 50" x 31". Slate is 3/4", 605 lbs. Model 93 (7'), 93" x 53" x 31". Slate is 3/4", 670 lbs.

How thick is the slate on a good pool table?

The World-Pool Billiard Association requires that tables have three-piece slates that are at least 3/4” thick. There are advantages and disadvantages to each thickness, so it is worth learning more about pool table slate before you make your big purchase.

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