How does dark pool affect AMC?

What is AMC trading at in dark pools?

AMC Dark Pool Trades Total volume in the dark pool is 17.9 million. The VWAP price for only the dark pool trades is 41.11.

How much is AMC worth on the dark pool?

The total in dark pool activity on $AMC shows large size prints from January 28th on is totaled at 2.33 billion dollars.

How much shorted is AMC?

AMC short borrow fee As of 11/22 AMC's short borrow fee rate is 0.60%.

Can you see dark pool trades?

Dark pools are dark, not transparent In a traditional stock exchange, when you send an order to the market with a price limit, that order shows up on the exchange's trading book. It's there for all to see in public. Only the price and the number of shares you want to trade are visible.

Can AMC reach 100k?

Absolutely it can. With all of the synthetic shares and naked shorting going on behind the scenes. The float is owned by the retail investors. The shorts have no covered and until they do, you will see that AMC stock CAN reach 100k per share!

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