How do you unlock Starstone Barrows?

How do you unlock Starstone Barrows expedition?

The Starstone Barrows expedition can be unlocked after completing the following series of side quests:

  1. Researcher's Request (by Balian Clark at Everfall Magistrate)
  2. An Anonymous Gift (by Tekla Petrowski at Everfall Forge)
  3. Ancient Contemplations (by Tekla Petrowski at Everfall Forge)

Where do you make orbs tuning in new world?

The best way to farm for Tuning Orbs in New World is to enter Corrupted Breaches and collect resources from breach caches. All Tuning Orbs require one type of New World's corrupted materials, so gathering these resources is essential.

Can you leave expedition and come back new world?

If your entire party falls, you can respawn in the expedition and continue with your journey. If you want to leave a New World expedition at any point, you can open the map and click Leave Expedition.

Where is amrine excavation new world?

The Amrine Excavation is a dig site just west of Amrine Temple, where famed archeologist Simon Grey and his team have been missing for some time. It's up to the players to venture into the depths of this troubled dig site to uncover their fate and discover what happened with the Ancient technology they unearthed.

How do you get the Starstone key?

The Starstone tuning orb, a key required to enter the Starstone Barrows expedition, can be acquired through quests or by crafting the orb at a stonecutting table. One member of your party must have the orb to enter the expedition. That person's orb is consumed upon use.

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