How do you make Trillium bars?

Where do I learn to smelt Trillium?

the jade forest
You have to have mining 600 to learn it, but Smeltmaster Ashpaw teaches this to you. In the jade forest, by Greenpaw village, there is a cave that one goes in for a few quests. The trainer is RIGHT there outside of the cave. Talk to her and she'll teach you the skill!

How do you mine Trillium?

This ore can be obtained directly via two methods:

  1. These can be mined from two, rare-node-spawns: Trillium Vein or Rich Trillium Vein.
  2. If you are Revered with The Tillers, plant Snakeroot Seed for random chances at obtaining either type of Trillium Ore per plant.

Where is the pandaria Alchemy trainer?

Trainers and Learning Recipes Ni Gentlepaw in Dawn's Blossom is a new trainer that also sells alchemy supplies. Poisoncrafter Kil'zit is a member of the Klaxxi in Dread Wastes.

Where can I get Trillium?

This object can be found in Dread Wastes (587), Kun-Lai Summit (503), Townlong Steppes (521), Vale of Eternal Blossoms (267), The Jade Forest (88), Valley of the Four Winds (65), Timeless Isle (38), and Shado-Pan Monastery (3).

How do you transmute living Steel?

To discover it, craft any of the potions/flasks that give you a chance of discovering alchemy 'patterns'. If you are lucky enough, the transmute sells for bucket-loads at the moment (6.5k on Al'Akir atm)… so get selling!

How do I train Pandaria herbalism?

The fastest way to level Pandaria Herbalism is by gathering herbs in the Valley of the Four Winds and the Dread Wastes. You can level Pandaria Herbalism 1-75 in about 18 minutes with this route if you're on a druid or using the Sky Golem mount and around 20 minutes if you aren't.

What does potion of luck do wow?

Potion of Luck are the new treasure finding potions of the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Potion of Luck are easy to make with your own Herbalist: 1 Crystal Vial and 1 Golden Lotus is all you need. A Potion of Luck causes mobs to randomly drop Plundered Treasure. The drop rate is anywhere between 5% and 10%.

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