How do you grow Galax?

What is a Galax plant used for?

Native Americans used galax to heal cuts and treat kidney ailments and nervous conditions, though these medicinal uses are not common today (Fern 1997–2000, Hamel and Chiltoskey 1975).

What is the meaning of Galax?

galax in American English (ˈgeɪˌlæks ) US. noun. a dicotyledonous evergreen plant (Galax aphylla) of the SE U.S., with shiny leaves (often used in wreaths) and small, white flowers.

Is Galax endangered?

Galax is an evergreen herbaceous perennial plant of the Southern Appalachian Highlands, now endangered in the Montreat wilderness. The leaves are in great demand by florists, but cannot be cultivated commercially.

What is Galax ginseng?

Galax and ginseng are two of the most threatened plant species in the Southern Appalachians due to poaching, according to Tim Francis, district ranger for the Pisgah District of the Blue Ridge Parkway. In 2005, the galax industry in the region was expected to bring as much as $20 million to local harvesters.

Is GALAX same as Galaxy?

As it turns out, after many years of operating under two different regional brands, the company is now rebranding itself to a single global brand name: Galax. … The GC cards are 'Galaxy Clocked,' which is basically branding for cards that come with better factory overclocks than most factory overclocked cards do.


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