How do you beat the Mantis Lord?

How do I get past the Mantis lords?

The Knight must react quickly to dodge the attack, then strike the Mantis Lord before she vanishes. As the Mantis Lord loses health, the attacks become faster and faster. The best moment to heal is during the Boomerang attack, as it is easiest to dodge and takes the longest time to complete.

How many hits does a mantis Lord take?

three attacks
The Mantis Lords only employ three attacks, and each is easily countered.

How do you beat the mantis warrior?

If possible, try to jump and attack it from the air, down-striking at it. Though it does have an upward slash attack, it is short-ranged and usually misses, typically allowing the Knight to safely attack from above until it dies.

How do you defeat the Mantis traitor?

2:494:16Hollow Knight- How to Find and Beat the Traitor Lord Boss – YouTubeYouTube

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