How do you beat Pvz trial by fire?

How do you beat trial by fire in Weirding Woods?

This medal can be earned in Weirding Woods Area. You need to lit 12 bonfires to make another one bonfire appears. Roast 50 marshmallows to start the challenge.

How do you unlock Weirding Woods?

Weirding Woods is the Zombie free roam and Story Mode region in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The only way to access this place is by talking to Seabasstian in Zomboss HQ. It is composed of three main areas: Camp Near-a-Lake, Stirring Swamp, and Z-Tech Factory.

How do you get all medals in Weirding Woods?

5:126:32Plants vs. Zombies – All Medals! (Weirding Woods) – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd if you think which 100 enemies while in a battlezone. You'll get another medal as well. The lastMoreAnd if you think which 100 enemies while in a battlezone. You'll get another medal as well. The last three are elusive foes you know these from Town Center. Sleepy. You have to put the force of sleep.

What is the trial by fire in Pvz?

The Trial by Fire is an activity that you can activate after you have completed some prerequisites beforehand. A Spooky Squash will appear when the event is activated and lots of Champion Snapdragons will appear alongside them. To win this activity, you need to defeat the Spooky Squash. That's it.

How do you get to Mount steep in Pvz?

Mount Steep is a Plant Story Mode and free roam region in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The only way to access the area is by talking to Sir Victor-Ian in Dave Manor. It is comprised of three main locations: Olde Town, Rocky Flats, and Steep Mines.

What happens when you complete plants vs zombies?

Once the player has finished Adventure Mode for the first time, he / she can opt to replay the Adventure mode. The player can use whatever plants previously obtained in each level. The player will face increased difficulty and a more challenging gameplay than they have experienced when playing for the first time.

How do you walk the plank as captain Deadbeard?

0:321:18Walk the Plank Medal! Plants vs Zombies Battle for NeighborvilleYouTube

Where is the tarp in Weirding Woods?

To get this medal, you need to need to stand on the tarp that is located in the campground, which is at Camp-Near-A-Lake, near a bunch of campfires and other vehicles. The tarp is located quite high up.

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How do you beat Old cool in Pvz?

You must destroy the colored glass and run through them once destroyed, while making sure Olds Cool is being attacked. He will periodically regenerate and shuffle the glass during the spinning attack, so make sure to defeat him quickly. Throughout his fight, he will use these attacks various times.

How do I get a safety Stan?

Safety Stan is an Elusive Zombie Foe in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He resembles an Imp wearing the "Imp-Cab Express" Costume. He can be found in Rocky Flats in Mount Steep during a Skirmish.

What do you get for beating Pvz?

Once Adventure Mode has been beaten once: The Silver Sunflower Trophy is obtained. The Home Lawn Security achievement is obtained. More mini-games (at least one, but a maximum of three) and Puzzle Mode levels are unlocked, and Survival Mode is unlocked.

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