How do I keep my honeycomb soft?

How do I make my honeycomb softer?

If you stop at a lower temperature your honeycomb will be softer. BE CAREFUL when you take the pan off the heat, the pan and contents will be very hot. Now it's time for the magic – add the bicarbonate of soda and gently whisk until the bicarb has disappeared.

Should you put honeycomb in the fridge?

Can I Store Honeycomb in the Fridge? There is no need to put opened honeycomb in the refrigerator. In fact, it may increase the rate of crystallization resulting in a gritty product. Crystallized honey is not spoiled and is safe to eat.

Why is my honeycomb soft?

7 Answers. Remember your stages of sugar boiling and how they come out, if it's too sticky or soft it is probably down to too low a final temperature (wrong texture) or more likely too much golden syrup.

Why does my honeycomb go flat?

Once you add that baking soda to the boiling hot sugar, the fizzing and puffing are sure to impress your viewers. … Get your sugar types and ratios wrong and the honeycomb collapses or turns sticky. Use too much or too little baking soda and the light and airy puff collapses on you or doesn't even materialize.

How do I stop my toffee from going hard?

To avoid starting again, try these tips. Dissolve the sugar completely before increasing the heat and bringing the mixture to the boil. You'll know when it's dissolved – there won't be any crystals on your spoon. Brush any sugar crystals from the side of the pan with a wet pastry brush during the toffee-making process.

How do you soften hard toffee?

Unwrap the desired number of caramels and place them on a microwave safe plate. Place the plate in the microwave and heat it on a high setting for approximately 10 to 15 seconds. Remove the plate from the microwave and enjoy the softened candy or cut it into bits and use it in a recipe.

Why did my honeycomb not foam?

Honeycomb is essentially hot toffee blended with a little bicarbonate of soda to make it bubble and foam. The mistake most first timers make is to take the syrup off the heat too soon. This makes the honeycomb sticky and doesn't allow it to set correctly.

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