How do I get the white trillium ore?

Where can I find trillium?

This object can be found in Dread Wastes (587), Kun-Lai Summit (503), Townlong Steppes (521), Vale of Eternal Blossoms (267), The Jade Forest (88), Valley of the Four Winds (65), Timeless Isle (38), and Shado-Pan Monastery (3).

How do you transmute Trillium bars?

Transmute: Trillium Bar is an alchemy transmute. [Transmute: Trillium Bar] requires 600/600/615 Alchemy and discovering the recipe while crafting other items. [Ghost Iron Bar].

How do you make riddle of steel?

Riddle of Steel

  1. Riddle of Steel.
  2. Requires Alchemy (600, 605, 610, 615)
  3. Tool: [Philosopher's Stone]
  4. Reagents: [Trillium Bar] (3)
  5. Using Spirits of Harmony to create Living Steel does not tax the alchemist, allowing them to ignore the normal one day of rest.
  6. Living Steel. Crafting Reagent.
  7. Cast time: 1.5 sec.

How do you unlock Living Steel?

To create a Living Steel without a cooldown, you will need to:

  1. Start with 60 Ghost Iron Ore (3 stacks) and 3 Spirit of Harmony.
  2. Smelt (with a miner) Ghost Iron Bar x 30.
  3. Transmute: Trillium Bar x 3.
  4. and finally, Riddle of Steel.

Can you riddle of steel proc?

Comment by Vrexx. I can confirm this combine can "proc" with transmute specialization and give multiple living steels.

Where is pandaria mining?

Horde Pandaria Mining Trainer Location The Horde Pandaria Mining trainer, Stonebreaker Ruian, is located in Honeydew village in The Jade Forest, at the coordinates 27.82, 14.83. Stonebreaker Ruian will only teach Horde players Pandaria Mining skills.

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