How do I get luxurious spool?

How much does a luxurious spool cost?

An indoor spool costs an average of $25,000, making this a luxury upgrade to any home looking to make a splash.

How much does it cost to apply a dragon claw?


Stat Bonus Rarity
Common Rare
Crit Damage +15% +25%
Strength +30 +40
Cost to apply 60,000 coins 250,000 coins

How do you get bloody reforge?

Bloody reforge – Obtained by applying the Beating Heart to a talisman and obtained by any alive mob in dungeons. This reforge gives the stats of the old itchy with attack speed. Putting this on your common and uncommon talismans is now very useful as it gives 1a, 3cd, and 1str on common, 1a,4cd,and 1as on uncommon.

How much is suspicious vial worth?


Stat Bonus Rarity
Common Rare
Crit Chance +1% +3%
Crit Damage +30% +50%
Cost to apply 60,000 coins 250,000 coins

•Jul 7, 2563 BE

Are spools cheaper than pools?

More often than not, a spool will cost less than a full sized in-ground pool and more than a conventional spa. The price to install will also be much less than if you installed a pool/spa combination. When considering the costs of a spool, you'll also want to factor in how you plan to use it.

How much does it cost to put in a cocktail pool?

Cocktail Pool Costs Cocktail pools cost an average of $22,650 but vary from about $5,500 to $50,000, including labor. Labor for a 300-square-foot pool totals $1,650 or about $5.50 per square foot. Materials alone, or a “kit”, will average about $20,000.

What reforge Stone gives loving?

The Red Scarf
The Red Scarf is a Rare Reforge Stone. It is a rare drop from Scarf (The Catacombs – Floor II BOSS ). It applies the Loving reforge to any Rarity Chestplates.

What does gravity talisman do?

. It increases the player's strength and defense depending on their proximity to the spawn of an island.

What items give wither essence?

  • Swords.
  • Bows.

Feb 14, 2564 BE

How much does it cost to put a spool in?

Spool Costs. The average cost to install an in-ground spool is $22,650 including labor, but this can vary depending on the type you choose.

How much room do you need for a spool?

Spools, on average, measure around 10 to 15 feet long by six to eight feet wide. If you entertain a lot (spools are sometimes referred to as “cocktail pools”), a larger spool pool will give your guests plenty of room to splash around.

Is a cocktail pool worth it?

Size Matters Cocktail pools tend to be less than 400 square feet and provide an ideal solution for homeowners with limited outdoor spaces. … As a bonus, the smaller size makes cocktail pools more eco-friendly thanks to reduced chemical and electrical needs.

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