How do I get grain of Aerosiderite?

How do you make grain of Aerosiderite?

Grain of Aerosiderite is one of the rotating rewards that you can earn when completing either the Domain of Forgery – Trail Grounds of Thunder or Domain of Forgery: Electrostatic Field. The former should be done on Wednesday and Saturday, while the latter offers Grain of Aerosiderite as a reward on Sundays.

Where can I get grain of Aerosiderite?

Grain of Aerosiderite can be purchased from the Souvenir Shop in Liyue (4 Geo Sigil).

Can you buy piece of Aerosiderite?

Rumors of sea monsters are commonplace in Liyue, since the other-shore is an unknown region that lies outside of Teyvat. Without the protection of The Seven, all that lies beyond is unknown chaos….Effects and Basic Information.

Piece of Aerosiderite Rarity 3
Effect Weapon Ascension Material

•2 Nov 2021

How do you get the Aerosiderite Genshin impact?

Piece of Aerosiderite can be dropped at Domain of Forgery: Trial Grounds of Thunder (Wednesday/Saturday).

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