How do GMOs affect developing countries?

What impact will GM food have on poorer nations?

GM crops will hopefully produce more yield on less land. This may increase the overall productivity and may offer developing countries a means to sustain themselves and reduce worldwide hunger. Ninety per cent of the world's 13.3 million "biotech crop farmers" are from developing countries.

Do developing countries have access to GMOs?

They adopt whatever technologies promise them lower production costs, increased productivity or products of higher value. Indeed, GM crops have been used not only in the USA but also in Argentina, China and Mexico, showing that farmers in developing countries benefit from their cultivation.

What are two risks of developing growing and using GMOs?

The most notable GMO risks to humans are the potential development of allergens to GM related crops and toxicity from GM crops. However, studies also show GM crops have benefits including the increased nutritional value in foods.

How do GMOs affect economy?

How do GMOs affect evolution?

How genetically modified crops affect society and the environment?

How do GMOs affect the environment over the long term?

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