How can I get free star coins?

Can you get free star coins?

You cannot earn Star Coins. Depending on your Star Rider subscription you can receive Star Coins as a weekly allowance every weekend and additional Star Coins can be purchased from our website. You can also find special promotions on Star Coins in the Star Stable Store.

How much money does Star Stable make?

Money-wise, Star Stable is not messing around; the game costs either $8.49 per month or approximately $74.99 for a lifetime membership and features in-app purchases. Last year, the company saw $15 million revenue and has seen double yearly growth since its start phase.

How do you get coins on love Nikki?

If you don't want to break your bank, the best way to stockpile diamonds and coins is to log in daily and complete the Daily Quests. There are nearly 20 daily quests you can complete that reward you with everything from stamina, to coins, diamonds, stars and more.

How do you get a free horse in SSO?

0:2019:12Free Horse + Pet Star Stable Online Birthday Gifts – YouTubeYouTube

What is the max level on SSO?

In Star Stable Online you're able to earn XP both for your character and your horses. The current highest level for the player is 23 via normal gameplay (30 with mods) while the highest level for your horse is 15.

Who is the owner of Star Stable?

Fredric Gunnarson
Star Stable CEO Fredric Gunnarson.

Can Love Nikki be hacked?

You see, the simple truth is that you can't hack Love Nikki through the use of these unlimited gem generators. They're simply all fake and only exist to obtain advertising revenue.

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