Does TBC cost?

How much will TBC boost cost?

WoW Classic TBC Character Boost Price Details Things are a little different in WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade, though. If you want to boost your WoW Classic character, you're going to need to purchase the Dark Portal Pass. This is going to set you back around USD$40; This currently equates to just over £29.

Is the TBC boost free?

While players won't have to pay any extra fee to play on a Burning Crusade Classic server, they'll be able to purchase a character clone, level 58 boost, and an in-game cosmetic package.

How do I get into TBC?

To have a chance at making the cut for the WoW Classic The Burning Crusade beta – you'll have to opt in via To do this, go here, then scroll down to the beta opt in section of the page and click the Opt In button.

Does everyone get a TBC boost?

Dark Portal Pass Basics Character boosts are only available for Burning Crusade realms, and won't available for Classic Era realms. Draenei and Blood Elf characters are not eligible for boosting. Only one boost is available per account.

Can you boost blood elf TBC?

These new races can't be boosted, BCC has no heirlooms or leveling buffs, and you only have a couple of weeks between the pre-patch where you can play these new races and the expansion release. There are no shortcuts.

How long is the TBC beta?

As of late March, Blizzard has yet to say when the WoW: Burning Crusade Classic beta will end. The finished expansion is due later in 2021, which likely means a length of a few months, at most.

What to do after boosting TBC?

0:168:02Level 58 Boost in Classic TBC – What Will You Get on Your … – YouTubeYouTube

Does TBC Classic cost money?

How much will it cost? Like WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic is included in a World of Warcraft monthly subscription, which is $15. You won't have to pay anything extra—unless you want to buy a level boost or clone your character so it can keep playing on vanilla servers (explained below).

How much will the 58 Boost Cost?

Burning Crusade Classic Dark Portal Pass and Character Boost Price is $39.99. In an Investor Press Release from Blizzard, Blizzard has announced that the "Dark Portal Pass" (which includes the Level 58 Character Boost) will cost $39.99.

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