Does Nino have a crush on Alya?

Who does Alya have a crush on?

Alya stuck in a cage with Nino. In "Animan", she hears Nino tell Marinette that he has a crush on Alya (although Nino only says that because he doesn't have the courage to confess to Marinette).

Who is Nino in love with?

4 SHE'S THE MOST MOTHERLY OF THE QUINTS Even when Nino falls in love with Futaro, she doesn't discourage Miku because they share the same feelings. She instead cheers her on by telling her she's cute and that she should confess as well so they can have fair competition for his affections.

Who will Alya marry?

Ranbir Kapoor Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, will reportedly be tying the knot next year, contrary to the earlier reports which suggested that they will be tying the knot in December this year.

Does Nino love Uesugi?

Nino seems to have a form of attraction towards blonde-haired people as she was attracted to Fuutarou's younger self and she expresses some form of attraction towards Isanari Uesugi. Ayana Taketatsu (Nino's voice actress) is the second oldest of the voice actresses of the sisters.

Does Nino love Fuutarou?

Ichika notes that Nino's love for Fuutarou are like a runaway train, with her assertiveness being the most unpredictable out of the sisters. Despite her increasing assertiveness, she is willing to delay her own progress with him for things like Ichika's attempts to sabotage Miku's plans.

Is Alia Bhatt married?

It was also reported that the couple is planning to have a destination wedding in Italy. However, according to a recent report by Pinkvilla, the duo is known to have postponed their wedding to January 2022. They will tie the knot in an intimate ceremony in the presence of family and close friends.

Is Alia engaged?

Last year there were rumours that Ranbir and Alia had got engaged in the presence of Neetu and Alia's family. The families were spotted heading to Ranthambore National Park where they stayed at the Aman-i-Khas resort in Rajasthan. But the engagement was later denied by Ranbir's uncle Randhir Kapoor.

Who is Marinette’s husband?


Who has a crush on Nathaniel?

Nathaniel had a secret crush on Marinette, drawing comics in his sketchbook of him saving her from villains. When he becomes the Evillustrator, he has the confidence to act on his feelings, asking Marinette if she would go out on a date with him for his birthday.

Are Marc and Nathaniel a couple?

Trivia. Feri González confirmed on Twitter that Marc identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community and has a "fondness" for Nathaniel.


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