Does MoonPay support Dogecoin?

Can you buy Dogecoin on MoonPay?

Dogecoin is officially supported for MoonPay customers in the US. … For our partners and MoonPay customers this now brings the total cryptocurrencies available to purchase to 17 in the US.

How do I sell my Dogecoin on MoonPay?

Visit and select the cryptocurrency you'd like to sell from the drop-down menu. Enter the amount you'd like to sell, for example, 0.1 BTC. You will receive an estimate, telling you approximately how much, in fiat currency (e.g. USD), you will receive from your sale.

Can I send crypto from MoonPay?

If you're using MoonPay through a partner wallet application, your wallet will automatically pass us your correct wallet address, and so you don't need to tell us where to send your cryptocurrency.

Can you buy BNB with MoonPay?

You can buy BNB directly on MoonPay or through one of our many partner wallets using a credit card or bank transfer. MoonPay's simple widget allows you to purchase Binance Coin quickly and securely, using your preferred payment method and is soon to be supported for our US customers as well.

What platforms sell Dogecoin?

But by spring 2021, the shiba inu-themed coin found its stride — and its place on major cryptocurrency trading platforms. Of the cryptocurrency platforms reviewed by NerdWallet, seven currently offer dogecoin: Gemini, SoFi Active Investing, Webull, Robinhood, eToro, Coinbase and Binance.US.

Does MoonPay work in Australia?

We support residents of more than 150 countries around the world! Please see our full list below: Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain … You guys available in west Africa ?

Can I buy a Tesla with Dogecoin?

You can now buy a Tesla using dogecoin, but you'll have to go through a different company to do it. In a Monday press release, Bots Inc., a global blockchain technology company, announced that it will let users buy Teslas and other cars with Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency based on the popular “Doge” internet meme.

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