Does Camie like Bakugo?

What does Bakugou call Camie?

Bakugo laughed at how Camie calls Todoroki, and what he said at the time was directed for Todoroki, he never spoke to Camie as mentioned in the Mangastream translation, unless "Dreamy Boy" is for refer to a girl, lol! So, what matters here is that Bakugo never called Camie "miss illusion". I always talk to Todoroki.

Do people ship Camie and Bakugou?

Fans of the ship hope to see Camie and Katsuki team up once again, hopefully sooner rather than later. The ship is somewhat popular in the fandom, although Katsuki has much more popular ships such as KiriBaku and BakuDeku, and to a lesser point, Kacchako.

Who is Bakugou in a relationship with?

As for a love interest, it's clearly Deku. Deku is a picces and Bakugou is a taurus with a hint of aries. Picces and taurus have a 97% chance of liking each other, according to my studies.

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