Do you have to buy TBC Classic?

Will TBC Classic be paid?

No fee (other than the usual subscription fee, which includes the ability to play WoW Shadowlands, Classic, and Burning Crusade Classic) is needed to play the Burning Crusade, but for those who want to keep a foot in both versions of the game, they'll need to pay the $35 cloning fee.

How much will it cost to play TBC?

Blizzard has announced that the Burning Crusade Classic Deluxe Edition will cost $69.99 USD! The Deluxe Edition includes many items that can be used in the TBC pre-patch such as a leveling boost and Hearthstone, but also contains a mount that can be used in the live Shadowlands game!

How do I start classic TBC?

0:003:37Different ways to start leveling in TBC Classic – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipPhoto. Once you are through the dark portal go down the stairs. And talk to the npc for horde orMorePhoto. Once you are through the dark portal go down the stairs. And talk to the npc for horde or alliance. Next you will have to go to the flight master nearby tend in the quest at the flight master.

Will Burning Crusade replace classic?

While launching as an expansion to WoW Classic, The Burning Crusade won't completely replace existing Vanilla servers. Players who want to remain with Classic as-is will be moved to these Classic-only realms, while existing servers move forwards into the bold future of 2007.

Do you have to make a new character for Burning Crusade Classic?

What's a Clone? For players who want to play a character in both Burning Crusade Classic and World of Warcraft Classic, we have a new optional service we call “Character Clone.” This optional service will only become available on a character after you have made a choice for that character in another game.

Can I play my classic character in TBC?

Choose to stay in Classic TBC or Classic Era Will the character join the “Burning Crusade” (the highest level is 70) or stay in the Classic era (the highest level is 60). If you choose the latter, you need to download a new client through the desktop application before you can play.

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