Do shadow priest have AoE in TBC?

Do shadow priests have AoE?

Which leads me to my next point: Patch 7.1. 5 has completely destroyed Shadow Priests' ability to AOE old content. Before, even if Mind Sear insta-killed our target, it still did its AOE.

What do shadow priests bring in TBC?

Shadow Priest brings an arsenal of unparalleled raid utility— Shadow Weaving, Misery, Vampiric Touch, Vampiric Embrace. A few abilities are shared with other Priest specs— Power Word: Fortitude (usually also talented), Shadow Protection and Fear Ward.

Is Shadow Priest good in TBC PvP?

Shadow Priest is a potent specialization for Arena PvP. While it is not considered to be the best of the best, it makes its way to a number of top comps, allowing successful ranking and reaching the highest standings.

How is Shadow Priest AoE Shadowlands?

AoE Capabilities: Multi-dotting with Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, and using Mind Sear are how Shadow Priests cause damage to large groups of mobs. Additionally, a Shadow Priest can talent into Searing Nightmare to augment their AoE damage.

What is the best race for shadow priest in TBC?

Both Troll and Undead are about equal in terms of Shadow Priest benefits. Both races offer a damage increase as well as some form of utility. If you are focusing on PvE purely, especially with a healing off-spec, Troll is the recommended race.

Does shadow priest have a heal?

Shadow Priests are a specialization of the Priest class who have put the majority of their talents into the Shadow Tree. … These priests lack the healing power of priests specialized in the Holy and Discipline trees, but are formidable opponents in PvP.

How do you play disc priest in arena TBC?

3:2622:30How To Get Gladiator In TBC as Disc Priest – YouTubeYouTube

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