Do RGB fans need to match?

Can I use different brand RGB fans?

As long as your mobo has that option available (many do), you'll be OK on that. The ARGB lights in those fans have the common female connector on the ends of their cables, normally used to plug into a mobo ARGB header.

Can I mix and match fans?

Can't use 4pin and 3pin on the same header or they'll always run at full 12v speeds. Other than those, you can mix and match fans as you like and those LL120 are pretty decent fans.

Are all RGB fans the same?

There are two different and NOT compatible types of RGB devices widely used today in computer cases. (The RGB lighting parts in an RGB fan are just "RGB Devices" mounted in the fan chassis.)

Can you mix RGB and non RGB fans?

Hi, Yes they will work as fans even if you plug in it without the rgb part. Most of the rgb fans come with a controller or demand a controller to be plugged in so you can control them via some kind of a software.

Is it okay to have different case fans?

Yes, you can mix and match fans. TO use positive pressure you simply need a higher total CFM for the front fans than in the rear.

Are Case Fans interchangeable?

Yes, you can.

What is the purpose of RGB fans?

Besides their cooling performance, fans can also have an aesthetic function, especially when paired with RGB lighting. RGB lighting can brighten up a build and add some flair. The best RGB fans have multiple LEDs and software to configure the colors or sync them with other devices like mice or keyboards.

Can you use a different RGB software?

JackNet RGB Sync is a free piece of software that detects all of your RGB components and peripherals, letting you manage them in one place. It's compatible with most existing RGB software and its really easy to set up.

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