Did Freddie really love Jim Hutton?

Did Jim Hutton love Freddie Mercury?

Jim Hutton is most notably known for being the partner of former Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Before meeting Mercury, Hutton was a hairdresser in his hometown in County Carlow before moving to London, where he met his future boyfriend.

Did Freddie leave anything to Jim Hutton?

How Much Money Did Freddie Mercury Leave Jim Hutton? The only thing shocking in this story is that he left the same amount, £500,000, for his PA, ex-boyfriend, and his boyfriend of seven years. Considering how much he loved Jim and that they lived together for seven years, everyone expected him to leave more.

Who did Freddie Mercury truly love?

Mary Austin
Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin maintained a seven-year-long romantic relationship — and remained close until Mercury's untimely death. Mary Austin was never legally Freddie Mercury's wife but she was the only true love in the short and turbulent life of the famous Queen frontman.

Who did Freddie Mercury wrote love of my life about?

Freddie Mercury
Love of My Life/Composers

Who was Freddie Mercury’s best friend?

Who was Freddie Mercury's best friend? With a study friendship spanning 15 years, fellow singer Peter Straker was Mercury's best buddy. The West End star had bonded over the 1970s and survived it all. As Mercury's star soared, their friendship never faltered.

Who ruined Freddie Mercury’s life?

Paul Prenter
Why was Paul Prenter fired by Freddie Mercury? Freddie fired Prenter because he sold a story to a national newspaper about Mercury's personal life. He went into deep detail about Mercury's lifestyle and claimed he slept with hundreds of men. Paul claimed that two former lovers of Freddie's had died from Aids.

Where did Freddie Meet Jim Hutton?

Jim Hutton met the Queen singer in a gay nightclub named Heaven in March 1985. The duo would go on to spend the remaining seven years of Mercury's life together. Hutton, one of ten children born to a family in Carlow, was working as an apprentice hairdresser in the Savoy Hotel when he met Mercury.

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What happened to Mary who was engaged to Freddie Mercury?

These days, Mary, 70, lives a quiet life in the London mansion Freddie left to her where Queen fans still make regular visits to pay their respects. She has been married twice but is now divorced. She shares two grown-up sons, Jamie and Richard, with one of her exes, Piers Cameron.

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