Can you still mine eth with 4GB cards?

Is 4GB graphics card good for mining?

The coin can be mined well on cards from AMD, including those with 4 GB of memory. It is widely represented on crypto-exchanges, the most famous of which is KuCoin. For AMD cards of the Polaris and Vega families, the optimal miner is TeamRedMiner, for Nvidia – CryptoDredge.

Can 4GB cards still mine?

Luckily, even after the 4GB GPUs become obsolete on December 24, miners can still use them for an additional three months but on reduced efficiency.

Can you mine ethereum Classic with 4GB?

Can I mine with a 3GB card?

Can you mine Ethereum Classic with 4GB?

Can you mine RX 580 4GB?

Can I mine ethereum Classic with 4GB card?

How do you mine 4GB cards?

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