Can you solo MC at 70 in TBC?

Can you solo Baron Rivendare at 70?

Baron Rivendare is doable as a lvl 70 Frost Mage.

How many people does it take to do MC in TBC?

There is definatly a need of skilled leaders, and a group of 40 people that can take directions, and listen to them.

Can a 70 Solo BRD?

Any kind of 70, no matter the gear can pretty much solo any instance under level 50 with decent ease, so that not a problem.

Does NAXX go away in TBC?

With Patch 3.0. 2 live Naxxramas has moved to Northrend and its level 60 form is no longer available. That means the corrupted ashbringer and the legendary staff is no more.

Can you 25-man NAXX in TBC?

Naxxramas is an entry-level raid instance floating above the Dragonblight, and is available in both 10-man and 25-man versions.

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