Can you sell a 1999 penny?

How much can you sell a 1999 penny for?

The 1999 penny with no mint mark and the 1999 D penny are each worth around $0.30 in uncirculated condition with an MS 65 grade. The 1999 S proof penny is worth around $6 in PR 65 condition.

Can you sell old pennies?

Rather than posting them on craigslist we suggest you sell them on a coin marketplace, or take them by your local coin dealer. Let's look at the 3 main ways to sell your coins. 1.) Sell to a Coin Shop – Now the coin dealer is going to buy them for less than they are worth, and this is normal.

Is a 1999 penny rare?

Of these, the 1999 Wide AM penny is by far the scarcest. Here's how much a 1992 Wide AM penny is worth: Even the most well-worn examples of the 1999 Wide AM penny are worth around $100. Most 1999 Wide AM pennies have a value of $150 to $300.

Are 1999 pennies worth money?

If your 1999 penny is worn, it's worth face value — or 1 cent. However, 1999 pennies that are uncirculated (or, as some might say, “mint condition” or “Mint State”) are worth more.


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