Can you save soft honeycomb?

Why is my honeycomb still soft?

7 Answers. Remember your stages of sugar boiling and how they come out, if it's too sticky or soft it is probably down to too low a final temperature (wrong texture) or more likely too much golden syrup.

What happens when you put honeycomb in the fridge?

Can I Store Honeycomb in the Fridge? There is no need to put opened honeycomb in the refrigerator. In fact, it may increase the rate of crystallization resulting in a gritty product. Crystallized honey is not spoiled and is safe to eat.

Why is my honeycomb not crunchy?

What can you do with failed honeycomb?

What can I do with failed honeycomb?

Can you freeze honeycomb toffee?

Is there real honeycomb in Crunchie?

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