Can you play as a mage in New World?

Are there magic classes in New World?

The developers haven't shied away from telling potential players that there will be no classes in New World. Players will be able to create builds based on their attributes and weapon mastery.

Is fire mage or pyromancer better New World?

The Fire Mage Tree primarily focuses on the ranged area-of-effect attacks, keeping some distance between the user and opponents. The Pyromancer Tree offers more direct control over the fiery attacks, as most of the abilities give players control over which areas and targets are going to be burned.

What should I pair Fire Staff with New World?

We recommend pairing the Fire Staff with a melee weapon like Rapier while leveling at first so that you can attack once you run out of mana.

Can you craft a Fire Staff in New World?

You can craft items in New World by going over to the area usually marked by a campfire. In New World, to get the Fire Staff you have to head towards the crafting area. Once you reach the crafting area, you need to open the crafting menu and need to level up your Arcana to craft the Fire Staff in New World.

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