Can you mix fans in a PC?

Is it OK to mix and match PC fans?

Can't use 4pin and 3pin on the same header or they'll always run at full 12v speeds. Other than those, you can mix and match fans as you like and those LL120 are pretty decent fans.

Are PC fans interchangeable?

Yes, you can.

Can you mix LL and SP fans?

So mixing fan types on the same control hub will give you mixed results and that is the obstacle in your way. The Platinum has it's own lighting controller for 2 fans, but won't support a 3rd LL.

How do I know if my CPU fan will fit?

First, find your motherboard's CPU socket. Second, measure the available height in your case between the top of the CPU and the panel of the computer's chassis. Third, inspect the area on your motherboard surrounding the CPU socket. Fourth, determine how fast you want the fan to run.

Do 1151 coolers fit 1200?

Yes, any 1156/1155/1150/1151/1151v2 will work on LGA 1200 sockets.

Do all motherboards have Argb?

And yes, different mobo makers provide different software tools to control their ARGB headers, but as long as the header's pin configuration matches what is on your fans' cables, they all will work. And your fans do come with the most common ARGB connector type.

How do you connect 9 non RGB fans?

0:023:20How I put 9 fans in my Lian Li O11 Dynamic with the Corsair …YouTube

Is CPU cooling necessary?

A CPU cooler is required for a CPU with a usage of 25 or more watts without overheating. If you mean an aftermarket cooler, it depends on several factors like overclocking, noise level, and efficiency.

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