Can you max out all weapons in New World?

What is the max weapon level in the New World?

The maximum level that players can currently hit in New World is 60.

How many total attribute points New World?

There are five core attributes in New World. Each player starts with 5 Points in each attribute. Each level grants attribute points, higher levels grant more attributes per level. 190 attributes granted, from leveling, in total.

What is level cap New World?

New World has been out almost a month now. While there have been a bunch of players to reach the maximum level of 60, one player took their own route, reaching this level without ever killing enemies, or even equipping a weapon.

Can you be a healer in New World?

In New World, like other MMO titles, you'll need a group of different player roles if you want to clear the expeditions and PvP combat that you'll fight through on your way to complete the story. … A competent healer will add to any party, supporting their allies in any battle.

How should I spend my attribute points in New World?

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