Can you get Star Stable for free?

How much does star stable cost?

First five levels free, but must subscribe for full game experience. Monthly subscriptions are one month for $7.49, three months for $19.50, six months for $31.99, lifetime subscription for $69.95. You really can't do much without paying for a subscription.

Is Star Stable free forever?

Star Stable is what is called a free-to-try game. … Star Riders get full access to the game including adventures, quests, areas, and free perks and items. Star Riders can pay monthly, every three months, or a one-time fee for a lifetime membership.

Can u play Star Stable on iPad?

0:1421:29Playing Star Stable on the iPAD! | SSO Mobile Edition | [BETA] – YouTubeYouTube

What age is Star Stable for?

Star Stable age range is huge! I know of players who are 9 years old and others who are well in their 40s. I find the main age of players who play the game are around 11-17 year old.

How do you get the free birthday horse in Star Stable?

0:0619:12Free Horse + Pet Star Stable Online Birthday Gifts – YouTubeYouTube

What does SSO mean in Star Stable?

Star Stable Online
Star Stable Online, mostly abbreviated as SSO, or just Star Stable, is an MMORPG produced by Star Stable Entertainment AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

How can I get a free horse?

You can find horses that are free, or close to it, in a variety of places. Some people look online, on classified sites or Craigslist, while others wander auction grounds. Some adopt from a nonprofit organization or rescue, while still others network with trainers to find retiring racehorses in need of second careers.

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