Can you daisy chain different RGB fans?

Can you daisy chain Aer RGB fans?

Daisy-chaining AER RGB fans with other AER RGB fans: Connecting fans with this cable is easy, the larger end of the cable with the clip on it will connect to the “OUT” port on the fan and the smaller end will connect to the next fan in the chain in its “IN” port.

Can I use a splitter on a fan hub?

short answer, yes. which fans, which splitters, which hubs?

Where do I plug my RGB splitter?

To set it up, simply place the 4-pin male connector in EITHER the fan RGB signal connector, or in one of the three connectors meant for the fan. The 4-pin male connectors may be placed on any of the RGB signal connectors, either on Fan side or on the splitter cable side.

Can you daisy chain 3 RGB fans?

2:405:00How To Daisychain & Install your PC Case FansYouTube

Can you daisy chain case fans?

1:045:00How To Daisychain & Install your PC Case FansYouTube

Are Corsair fans Daisy Chainable?

Yes, that's exactly how it'll work. The CPU block must be at the end of the chain.

How do you set up multiple case fans?

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Does fan splitter reduce speed?

the splitter shouldn't change the speed, unless you overload the header. that is why it is often better not to use splitters, because it may even damage you motherboard if you put too many fans on it, and usually you don't need more fans than you have headers.

How do I connect RGB fans to a splitter?

Simply remove one of the 4-pin male connector using a pair of pliers or your hand, then connect the splitter cable to the fan RGB signal wire. In photo, Fan RGB signal cable, 4-pin male connector and the splitter cable. 4-pin male connectors placed inside the splitter connector.

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