Can you buy white iron chunk?

Where do I get white iron chunks?

Obtain. White Iron Chunks are generally found inside caves, mines and near mountainous terrain. Notable regions for harvesting White Iron Chunks are between Brightcrown Canyon and Wolvendom, Musk Reef, and the mountains southeast of Stone Gate's main path.

Where can I find iron chunks?

Iron Chunks can be found in caves, mines, and around mountainous terrain.

Where can I farm crystal chunk Genshin?

Crystal Chunk Farm Route Tevyat is full of crystal chunks, but Stormterror's Layer and Qingyun Peak are two of the best places to farm them! Stormterror's Lair is by far the most beneficial o enter this region, which is part of the game's storyline, you must have at least Adventure Rank 18.

What do you do with tainted blood Genshin?

Tainted Blood is a quest item obtained after completing the Archon Quests Prologue, Act 3 quest "A Long Shot". Currently, this item has no use.

Does anyone sell Cor Lapis?

Shops Selling Cor Lapis You can also purchase Cor Lapis from Changshun, the merchant in Liyue Harbor.

Can Cor Lapis be bought?

Like many other ascension materials, there is now an option to buy Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact from a shop using Mora. It's best to use a mixture of buying and finding, as this is the fastest way to get the amount needed for ascension.

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