Can orthotics cause leg pain?

Can orthotics make your legs ache?

Upon initially wearing the insoles you may experience the following symptoms: Aching in the knees, hips, thighs, lower legs, back or in the soles of the feet. Symptoms should settle down within a few weeks or wearing the insoles.

Can orthotics cause ankle pain?

Stress from orthotics can actually lead to weak ankles, feet or knees and cause additional foot pain. Furthermore, it's difficult to get relief from orthotic inserts that weren't made correctly. You may also suffer from sore muscles as your body attempts to adapt to the orthotics.

Can orthotics cause knee pain?

Can Orthotics Hurt Your Knees? If your orthotics are right for you and designed to meet the unique structural needs of your feet, these shoe inserts can relieve stress and strain on the foot. Unfortunately, if your orthotics are not properly fitted, they can contribute to your knee pain rather than alleviate it.

How long before orthotics stop hurting?

ICON ORTHOTICS will change the way you walk. This sensation should disappear within a few weeks. After approximately two to eight weeks, you will probably no longer even notice you are wearing your orthotics. As with any medical appliance, your body must adjust to their use.

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