Can new orthotics cause lower back pain?

Can orthotics cause back problems?

Overuse of the orthotics during the break-in period may result in foot/arch discomfort or blisters, as well as ankle, knee, hip or back pain. If these symptoms occur, reduce or suspend use as described in the break-in instructions. Be sure your shoes are in good condition and not broken down.

How long does it take to adjust to new orthotics?

In most cases, your body needs two to four weeks to become accustomed to any type of orthotics. That means you should plan to wear them regularly so your body can adjust.

Can bad insoles cause lower back pain?

Lower back pain is sometimes mistakenly thought to be caused by wearing insoles, or removable inserts that are placed in shoes. On the contrary, if you have flat arches, insoles help to bring an improvement in your back pain by treating the root cause of the issue – flat feet.

Can a podiatrist help with lower back pain?

Podiatry Care works very closely with your Doctor and other health professionals to help ensure your foot posture is helping and not hindering your low back pain. Call us today for a foot posture and walking analysis.

Can Overpronation cause lower back pain?

Overpronation is what occurs when your feet turn inward. If you tend toward overpronation, you may find the inside of your soles flattened from wear. The inward motion of the foot, especially as you're walking or running, can also cause pain in your lower back and knees.

Why does my lower back hurt after wearing flat shoes?

According to research, flats can actually cause 25 percent more pressure on your food with every step than high heels do. This impact pressure builds over time and your hips and lower back take the brunt of it. The lack of padding and arch support will also cause the ligaments and tendons in your feet to overstretch.

Can orthotics help back and hip pain?

Although they may feel odd at first, after you get used to wearing them, custom foot orthotics, can significantly reduce hip and knee pain, as well as pain in the lower back. You may also notice less leg fatigue after being on your feet or engaging in activities.

Can orthotics help lower back pain?

The answer is that yes, the foot support that custom orthotics provide are designed to cushion the heel, toes, and foot, and can bring relief from discomfort and pain caused by lower back pain, sciatica, poor posture or an unbalanced gait.

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