Can I use a splitter for RGB fans?

Does RGB work with fan splitter?

Yes it should, as long as it is a 4-pin PWM fan, it'll work. 3-pin fans will also work but… This is a fan head splitter for 3 and 4 pin fans. It's will not work with an RGB header.

Can you control fans with a fan splitter?

You won't be able to control the fan speed using that fan splitter. The power is coming from the PSU via a Molex connector instead of using power from the motherboard.

Does using a fan splitter reduce speed?

No, they will all run the same speed.

What does PWM splitter do?

That allows you to power two PWM fans from a single PWM header on your MoBo.

What does an RGB splitter do?

The 1-to-3 RGB Splitter Cables allow users to extend multiple RGB LED fans and strips to build up aesthetically beautiful lighting systems.

What is RGB splitter?

The Gelid RGB Splitters allow you can easily expand one RGB or Addressable RGB (ARGB) header on your motherboard/controller to connect to multiple RGB devices, it's even possible to daisy chaining multiple splitters altogether. Compatible with all standard 12V RGB and 5V Addressable RGB (ARGB) fans or strips.

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