Are Worgen immortal?

Do worgen live longer than humans?

Worgen. … Genn Greymane is an older human, and while he was described as fighting with a vigor that rivals that of younger worgen, he was shown to have aged, as his hair changed from grey to stark white since Legion. As such, it is possible that the curse may extend one's life, or at least restore their vigor.

Can the worgen curse be cured?

Treatment. There is no definitive cure for the Worgen curse. Once someone has been afflicted they cannot, under any circumstances, be rid of it. Potions made of Mandrake have been known to stem the feral side of the curse by subduing their anger.

Can worgen reproduce?

So to answer your question, No at this moment in time Worgen do not give birth to Worgen.

Are worgen immune to undeath?

The worgen curse makes raising them into undeath far more difficult than it is for normal humans. … In addition, those worgen who imbibe the waters of Tal'doren — through the ritual they undergo to maintain the balance between the worgen curse and their humanity—have a further resistance to the corruption of undeath.

How tall are worgen?


Race Female height Male height
Pandaren ~6' ~6'
Tauren ~7' ~8'
Troll ~7'6" ~7'
Worgen ~7' ~7'

What races can become worgen?

Worgen (playable)

Core races
Human Dwarf Night elf Gnome Draenei Worgen Pandaren
Allied races
Void elf Lightforged draenei Dark Iron dwarf Kul Tiran Mechagnome Nightborne Highmountain tauren Mag'har orc Zandalari troll Vulpera

When was the War of the Satyr?

The ensuing War of the Satyr exacted a heavy toll from the night elves, but ultimately they vanquished the forces that had set out to wreak havoc on their world….

War of the Satyr
Part of Burning Crusade
Location Kalimdor (notabily in Ashenvale)
Prelude War of the Ancients
Begin ~9,300 BDP

How strong are worgen?

Natural claws and fangs as sharp as daggers, the fastest race, able to outrun horses, stealthy as hell, and a lot of superhuman strength. I'd say they're very strong, but not physically stronger than big guys like Tauren or Orcs.

Do Worgen have tails?

As you may know there is a lot of conversation on why the Worgen don't have tails. After all, wolves have them, so why not a werewolf? I'm going to explain why.

Are Death Knights undead?

As both the death knights and the Forsaken are technically undead, much about their bodies and vital functions – or lack thereof – is similar. … Archbishop Alonsus Faol, for example, has no blood as an undead, but it is pointed out that he is “tied together” with ichor [Before the Storm, Chapter Twenty-Six].

How tall is a wow human?

5-6 feet tall
Humans are 5-6 feet tall. Night Elves are approximately 7 feet tall. Orcs are approximately 6 feet tall. Pandaren are generally between 5 and 6 feet tall.

How much does a worgen weigh?


Race Male (lb) Female (lb)
Orc 292 – 508 lb 252 – 468 lb
Tauren 700 – 1500 lb 500 – 900 lb
Troll 216 – 324 lb 201 – 309 lb
Worgen 216 – 324 lb 206 – 314 lb

Is Lightforged immortal?

The Eredar and their Draenei exiles are long lived, sometimes staggeringly so. Prophet Velen has lived for over 25,000 years. But the Lightforged are functionally immortal beings. They are no longer touched by age.

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