Are draenei immortal?

How long do the draenei live?

A good example includes night elves that have lived over 10,000 years (although this was with the help of immortality, which they have recently lost)….Races.

Race Draenei
Middle age 15,000
Old 22,000
Venerable 25,000
Maximum lifespan Over 27,000

Are Lightforged draenei immortal?

The Eredar and their Draenei exiles are long lived, sometimes staggeringly so. Prophet Velen has lived for over 25,000 years. But the Lightforged are functionally immortal beings. They are no longer touched by age.

How old are the draenei?

25,000 years old
It has been suggested that the draenei themselves are immortal, and this is not really as out-there an assumption as you'd think. The leader of the draenei, Prophet Velen, is at least 25,000 years old, predating the existence of the night elves by a good 10,000 years.

Are Worgen immortal?

While it is possible that Humans afflicted with the curse of the Worgen are longer-lived than regular humans, Human Worgen are not immortal. The Night Elves were immortal due to their connection to the Well of Eternity and when that was lost, they regained it through the blessing of Nordrassil.

Are Dragons immortal wow?

Dragons also pose a curiosity to their alleged immortality. … Magic has been known to grant longer lifespans, and even immortality. As such, it could be noted that the power granted by the Makers gave the Dragon Aspects an immortal life span, whereas other dragons suffer from death of old age (albeit VERY old).

How are night elves born?

Blood elves and high elves no longer have the life spans of their night elf kin — but they're still far longer than a human's life. … Most night elves were born somewhere during that stretch of immortality that Nordrassil gave them — so it is entirely possible that a night elf character could be thousands of years old.

How tall is a Draenei?

7-8 feet tall
Draenei are 7-8 feet tall. Dwarves are 4-5 feet tall.

How old do trolls live wow?

Trolls reach maturity at age 17, right around the same time as humans do. When a troll reaches about 30 years or so they're considered middle aged, a troll of 47-50 years is considered old, a troll 70 years old is considered venerable, and most trolls live no longer than age 80 or so.

Is alexstrasza immortal?

With their ancient powers expended, Alexstrasza and the other remaining Aspects became mortal. Alexstrasza and the other Aspects fighting against Deathwing. Alexstrasza in her humanoid form with the other Aspects after Deathwing is defeated.

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