Are crypto vouchers legit?

Is crypto voucher legit Reddit?

Cryptovoucher is safe yes. There is a paypalreseller on I believe. However this is the only trusted reseller. I have bought 3 cryptovouchers on ( 1 x 10€ and 2 x 25€ ) and I never had a problem.

What is a Flexepin voucher?

WHAT IS FLEXEPIN? Flexepin is a pre-paid cash voucher that allows users to top-up existing accounts to shop online without the need for a credit or debit card. Making online purchases with Flexepin reduces the threat of online fraud, as no personal or financial information is requested or saved online.

Can you buy a Bitcoin voucher?

Crypto Voucher is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an easy way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. … This prepaid card is the easiest way to buy cryptocurrencies instantly. Buy your voucher whenever you want and receive it within seconds via email, 24/7. It's simple, fast and secure!

Are crypto vouchers anonymous?

Can I buy Crypto-Vouchers anonymously? In principle, the Bitcoin technology makes it possible to trace every payment directly back to the parties involved. However, coin tumblers such as can be used for a more anonymous payment option, which offers clear advantages for anonymization.

How do you redeem crypto vouchers?

You can go to the Crypto Voucher website. After selecting Redeem, then enter the card number and your email address. They will now be given the card's financial value and asked to choose which bitcoin they will want to receive. After that, all users have to do is type over their digital wallet and press Enter.

How much does Flexepin cost?

There are generally no fees or charges payable by a Flexepin User. However: a $30 fee will be payable for processing a Flexepin refund more than 14 days after acquiring the voucher; and. a $4.00 monthly charge will apply to a voucher that has not been used before its Use By Date.

Is Flexepin safe?

Flexepin is currently one of the safest payment methods in the world.

Do bitcoin vouchers expire?

Right after payment, you receive the Crypto Voucher code instantly by email, along with your invoice. … Crypto Vouchers are valid for 180 days after delivery, but once redeemed to your digital wallet, it never expires!

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